Alphabetically me

April 14, 2009

took it from my my friend’s blog named Ichaz. my A to Z things. here goes..

A : Ayah. ini sebutan k buat bokap. Dulu BT bgt harus manggil bokap pake “ayah” pengennya papa,papi ato daddy,biar kedengeran keren gituh hehehe tapi skrg somehow “ayah” terkesan unik,ramah dan berwibawa. ga banyak yang manggil bokapnya dgn sebutan ayah kaan..*love you ayah*

B : Bart Simpson. sukaaa…!!

C : Chupa. my hamster. He—> or she i don’t know. likes to enter his house from the window.

D : Danef. my only brother’s name. many people misspell his name.

E : Evan Rachel Wood. Grrh.. i hate this girl only when she’s with Marilyn Manson. I like her BEFORE and AFTER the relationship. hehehe..

F : Fandy. His name surely occupied big space in my heart ๐Ÿ™‚

G : Garnier light. My daily moisturizer. the smallest one last for 3 months and the packaging is recyclable.

H : House. TV series dgn karakter yang kuat. Bikin terpesona deh pokoknya. Bener2-bener One Sick Bastard si House itu! tapi..Seperti kata Doctor Lisa Cuddy : “House is cold and such an ass but he’s RARELY wrong”

I : I-Phone. My dream Phone.would look so nice with my Macbook and Ipod.

J : Jack Sparrow also Jack Skellington. My fave character

K : Kayu. My Chinese zodiac element. get along well with water and earth but not doing so good with steel and fire.

L : Lucifer. my name for my future Siberian Husky or all blackย  Labrador Retriever.

M : Motorola Razr V3i orchid pink. i insist the color is purplish than pink. the longest hand phone i’ve been using.

N : Neil Gaiman. my fav author. Darky,artsy and also mysteriously funny.

O : Otong. Bubur ayam favorit di jln jendral Sudirman Bandung.

P : Puisi. i like to write one at normal time. more at lebay mood time.

Q : QnQ. my watch brand. it has been surviving the swimming pool, the shower and my negligence. Still here on my left wrist.

R : Ravenhaven. My screen name. surprisingly someone had took it as his DA name, so i have to satisfed with the name myravenhaven on Deviantart ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

S : Sushi and Spaghetti. Sushi is my fav. food, spaghetti–especially my cooking–is my boyfriend biggest crave;p

T : Teardrop by Massive Attack. Great song! (and also House TV series opening song)

U : Ungu. No further explanation on this one

V :ย  Vi veri veniversum vivus vici (By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe.)ย  salah satu quote kesukaan K dari film V for Vendetta.Karakter utamanya make topeng sepanjang film tapi gak bisa dilupain bahkan bertahun-tahun setelah nonton filmnya. Cool!

W : World of Goo. my only mac game–thanks to mas Ncus–. Game yg super Slimy and Cool!

X : Xcell. actually excel. program yg sgt tdk eka-friendly.

Y : Yoghurt. hmmm…sllrpp!

Z : Zorro. I hate this movie. it’s stupid.



  1. hehehe…

    lucu ka.. ๐Ÿ˜›
    pake ada Garnier light…huahahaha..btw, itu bagus nggak? lagi masa jerawatan lagi nih ka.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • buat k oke2 aja cha. krimnya cepet meresap dan ga berminyak. icha coba aja dulu yg paling kecil cuman 13 ribuan cha.—>cocok jadi sales hehehe..

  2. suka banget baca blog post nya Eka.. lucu, refreshing, full of smarty & cool-simple words yang bermakna ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Nadia..^_^ Blog kamu juga inspiring dan terutama so sweet..i’m secretly the fans of your header quote: It takes both sunshine and rain to make a Rainbow..so nice..

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