ladies, ask yourself : “what do i need a boyfriend for?”

November 26, 2008

1. For money?

if men destined to make money so women destined to waste it. yes you got the point. But think again..do you want to spend the rest of your life dependent to a man? whose life not in your hand? what if death do you part? could you stand on your feet if you don’t have the capability of making money? ladies, we should stand on our feet. beside, if you have your own money, you still can keep yours for those pair of shoes/bag you want right? and also extra money always good to cover sudden things. You should also realize that paying food and entertainments on your dates are also your responsibility. it’s not fair to always rely your boyfriend on that position. if you always rely on your boys about money, it means you give him the power to control you with money.

2. For Protection?

they said men are stronger than women in physical strength. Yes i do agree but not completely. Have you ever imagine if god give man the honor to pregnant? 9 months carrying something that growing big. Or make it simple, if a man should feel the blast of PMS and the period’s cramps. He should be screaming and staying in bed all day. we have to realize that our boyfriends cant give us 24/7 protection, besides..we aren’t big babies..we have to learn to protect ourself. Mostly things you feared are only your imagination. You CAN go home alone, you CAN go to places alone, you CAN do that on your own, you CAN do this, you CAN do that. The only thing stopping you is your mind. So, be brave ladies..remember the old sayings: a brave man only being born by a brave woman. Do you want to have a coward son?

3. For companion?

A good companion is one of the best thing in the world. So what is a good companion like? i bet it’s someone you can share anything in almost any condition. consider yourself lucky if you have a boyfriend who shared most of your interests. But, no people in this world exactly the same. even twins are different on certain aspect. Wouldn’t it be great to surround yourself with many friends from different interests in your life? You’ll be surprised by the number of persons who give you greetings on your b’day. Have a boyfriend as a quality companion is good, but having many friends sounds as good as it. beside that, if you hang out with friends you can talk about your boyfriend (and also other boy too ;p)

4. For love/sex

yes it’s the sensitive part of our conversation. Oh well yea nothing could replace a good lover (along with the whole package of lovers things–you know what i mean–) having a lusty relationship is great as long as both of you can continuously developing on each other, physically and mentally. if one of you cant keep up, the other will feel the emptiness. and all the lovers things would seem so dull, so boring. have you ever say “I love you” because a habit not because you mean it? that’s the feeling I’m talking bout. how do you want to be loved? have you get it? if you cant love yourself, it’s impossible to loving other person better.

5. For sentimental reasons

having a rose on your room, or someone that ask you for a candle light dinner. Someone who told you that you are the most beautiful person in the world. Someone to fight and break up then to kiss and make up. someone to ..welll helloo…this isn’t fairy tale. you’re not princess and he’s not a prince riding a white horse. most of the time, sentimental reasons only work when you falling in love. the first chapter of love relationship is a poem, but the rest chapters are prose. wake up and smell the reality. it bites! so that you always keep your eyes wide open.Look around, you’ll see love has many faces and in this world many people could use your love to ease their pains. so stop being a little girl, wake up and share your love.

And now, who am i preaching like a priest of love? what do i know about love? i know only a little and i tend to screw up the rest so…it’s okay if you dont listen to my opinion. Basically i’m asking myself the same question. “what do i need a boyfriend for” and so far my answer is because i enjoy the status. See? just how shallow my opinion is. I’m hoping to find better answer for my own thought because in the end a good relationship is one you can cherish for the rest of your life. And just like you and the rest of us, love is a lesson we all want to pass with a high grade, don’t we? we are learning love here..



  1. hmmm ini kan yang dulu diobrolin ya 🙂
    Aku gak mau jawab karena nanyanya ke “ladies” hehehe

  2. because i have money of my own, i can protect my self, i rarely need companion, i am not a romantic person, i can live without sex or particular love, what i really need is the illusion of “i am not alone”; which would makes me love him, by loving him i’d want to have his companion, by loving him makes me want to do romantic things, perhaps… but if he’s not here, it’s okay… so.. it’s the illusion… i think… sotoy aje sih gw.

  3. For keeping my head from falling down
    For the heartache and broken heart
    For the dumped experience
    For tasting the pain of regrets when we broke up

  4. @ mas Ncus,
    kmrn pas maen DDR kan pake jepit rambut, udah jadi Kuswanti tuh mas, boleh dong ngasih comment hehehe ^_^
    iya ini emang udah pernah dibahas, tapi launchingnya baru skrg.butuh waktu buat memadatkan tulisan.ciee..*tampar*

    @ ilma
    maybe someone should hire you as a psychic. ^_^ you got a nice conclusion there..Great!

  5. dibutuhin untuk alasan agar aq merasa normal, karena bisa nyalurin bakat lebai aq, ka’,,,hee9

    kan kalo sama girl friend,,,ga nnoormal tuh???!!!

  6. kalo:
    untuk suami di masa depan dan teman dihari tua, boleh gak ka?

    *walo sebenernya buat temen gosip n curhat sih..huhuhu*

    -atri iseng blogwalking krn gak bisa tidur-

    • @atri
      boleh dong tri..justru itu gunanya pacar ya kaann…lain kali blogwalking lagi yaaaa ^_^

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