The Only Snow White Stem Kuki

November 19, 2008

they say people that gather in a same place usually have the same taste, or at least similar. Well, i agree with that. recently, my boss bought a new The Cure CD and of course she put all the songs on Itunes along with The cure greatest hits. and she post one of her favorite The Cure song titled “The only one ” on her blog. I only know The Cure from “friday i’m in love” and “Boys don’t Cry”. and because she told me to listen to their new album titled 4:13 dreams, i think it’s a good idea. Once i hear the album, i got stuck on two songs:“The real Snow White” and (yes she’s right) “The Only One”. and damn, i cant stop listening to this two songs.

here is my fav lines from The real Snow White:

“I made a promise to myself
I wouldn’t stay with anyone else but…
You know how it is with these promises
Made in the heat of the moment
They’re made to be broken one day
If there’s no time to get away”

and from “The Only One”:

Oh I love oh I love oh I love
What you do to my lips
When you suck me inside
And you blow me a kiss
Oh I love what you do to my lips
It’s so sweet in there

not forget to mention that my new office mate named poppy also has the same opinion about Tokyo Jihen and Shiina Ringo. WE HEART THEM BOTH yay! ^^. we really enjoyed the song “Stem” by Shiina Ringo (this song has two version, one in English titled Stem, and one in Japanese titled Kuki)

check my fav. lines from Stem:

“Precious life, this life, just once, it comes just one time
Keep it close, keep it from ever just leaving you”

i think people in the same fields of work have similar taste. and they also influencing each other. don’t you agree?



  1. All i know, love sometime can be so boring. Close to suck. Same shit different day or…boy. Am i right?

  2. mungkin nggak semua yang kerja di tempat/bidang yg sama punya taste yg sama. jabatan juga nggak mempengaruhi 🙂

    well, love is always boring. lust is not.

  3. @ Reni
    yes of course love can be sooo boring..same shit different day (and yes too,–boy!) but after all, nothing is eternal, so is love.all we can do is try and then complain! hehehehehe^^

    @ sigit
    setuju juga sama sigit, eka hanya ngeliat dari yg perspektif yg sama-nya aja, padahal kalo mo dirinci, yg bedanya jauh lebih banyak. dan ya jabatan emg ga mempengaruhi.

    well you are right lust is always fun, but for the price maybe we have to feel : demanding feeling (can’t get enough) ,temporary “high”, and breeding guilty. i’m kinda in a searching of lasting lust.what it’d feel like? hmm..

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