Teardrop by Massive Attack

November 13, 2008


no it’s not about a sad story i got stumbled on. it’s about a song. A song i’ve been searching since i’m on 6th grade on elementary school. And maybe if you want to know how did my searching ended, it’s ended because i finally know one of my office mate had this song for a long time on her computer. and im like, *gasp* overwhelming with happiness.

the song titled : TEARDROP by Massive Attack. This song is kinda creepy, makes the hair on my body stand up, especially when i see the video clip. the video shown a baby singing. yes a friggin’ BABY! inside a womb. complete with the umbilical cord still attached. Actually it’s the Video Clip which made like this song.

download the mp3 file on : (only 30 days from now before my account expired, if it does and you still wanna have the song, reach me) http://www.4shared.com/file/71334593/fd1e37e9/Massive_Attack-Teardrop.html

download the video clip from youtube. here’s the direct link:


download the full lyrics on:


this song is full of meanings. mine could be different from yours. wanna try to have the sensation?



  1. ehehehheh oping dengerin nya yg special cases. lagunya enak bgt bwt dipake menerawang. suraaaaam….

  2. Wehehehe thanks to me, you finally found your favorite childhood song,Eka ^^

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