Quantum of Solace

November 7, 2008

quantumofsolacelook who’s back!!! no it’s not JAMES BOND! it’s me! finally i write on my blog again, yey! you may wondering where the hell i was, well yeah you know i’m that type of person who easily being drawn by her super huge-mumbo-jumbo mood swing, but hei we arent talking bout me now, let save the stories about my mood later, we’ll talking bout the newest JB movie. and hell yeah, IT’S ROCK!

as you may know the new Bond, Mr. Daniel Craig has raised public opinions and divided them into two groups. “love-me-as-Bond” club and “hell-no-you’re-not-Bond” club. But he stays calm and show his real quality as bond, and i am the part of the first group.I like him as Bond, more than ever. moving to the story, on QOS (Quantum Of Solace), Bond took his mission personally by the caused of Vesper’s death. He traced down the organization which got the responsibility on Vesper Betrayal. You’ll see a bunch of old people from the last movie (yes QOS has something to do with CR (Casino Royale)) and also a bunch of new people. The story is moving fast, if you being attracted by something else even just for a few moments, you’ll be asking “oh no where is it?, “what did he say, before?” or “who is this people?” . so you have to be as fast as Bond, think quickly, swallow the story or you may get lost. hehe.. i got lost a few times when watching, luckily my Boyfriend didn’t. And btw this movie contains a lot of good fresh ironic humor. I didn’t hear a lot of people on theatre laughing but i’m so grateful i can understand most of the jokes. shame on you guys! ^^ Muahahahahahaha

i won’t go and babbling (or i just did?), for me this movie is so Hot! Daniel Craig really settled the new high bar for becoming the truly James Bond, and i also notice now that most of the Bond Girl is no longer a “breast and thigh with face” the people behind this movie have become more selective now and it’s good to see Bond shaking those “beautiful but brained bitches” than those “just bitches”. 

i got you my genuine experience after watching QOS (in Blitz PVJ) when i walked outside the theatre, two lovers behind me had an conversation:

Woman: “Darling, who is Vesper?”

Man     : “Owh! that one also confuse me! i don’t know who Vesper is!”

that almost made me laughing my popcorn back to my mouth. well it’s Okay, not everybody watching Casino Royale, i know..


anyway it’s good to see Bond Back, and i hope you feel good to se i’m back too.



  1. Akyu lebih suka yang casino royale….. :b

  2. itu dia… plus nya bond skr lebih full actin walopun cepet bgt. klo yg dulu… kesian tuh para bondgirl. abis ngesex pasti lgs dibunuh. kesian kan…

  3. @ wien
    bebas win! menurut eka sama bagusnya sih..masing2 ada kelebihannya

    @ oping
    setuju ping! Bond yg sekarang asli, lebih real aja, kalo dulu kan banyak pake gadget dan ga pernah keliatan berdarah. kalo daniel craig itu memang kuda liar banget, tendang sana tendang sini,maen hajar! maskulin bgt lah!. sukur masih kuda liar ya, daripada banci liar. ehehehehehe^^

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