ways to live forever by Sally Nichols

August 22, 2008

what the simplest thing that could make you happy? for me having a sip of tea in the evening on my terrace is the answer. Speaking about simple thing in life, do you consider your dreams the simple things? maybe no, dreams are soooo high, out of reach for now, that what makes you say it’s a “dream”, right..?

Dreams simply could mean things you want to do in this life, the only matter to do everything is time. as long as you got the time, you still have chance to do anything you want to do.

so what if you dont have the time? or say that you only got sooo littleee time..because you’re so sick you can dead at almost any time? do you still want to do anything that you want to do before?

so, while you planning about what you want to do tomorrow, next week or even next month..maybe you can put this book on your plan. Because reading this book maybe can help you to understand the beauty in simple things. the ways to live forever, even after you’re gone..



  1. hy…
    aku punya bukunya. udah baca. sedih ya..

  2. @ runney: hai runney..iya bukunya memang sedih, tapi sedih yg “mendidik” ya ga sih..?daripada liat ibu tiri nampar anak tiri di sinetron hehehe, thnx ya udah mampir 🙂

  3. gue mau minjem bukunyaaa… maklum lah lo tau gw murahan dan gw ga bisa denial di depan lo…

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