The Dark Knight

July 19, 2008

WOOHOOO..Akhirnya gw nonton juga “the Dark Knight” kemaren, hehehe makasih buat Fandy tersayang yang rela ngantri dari pagi demi mendapat tiket premier. you’re the man, fan..!

now let’s talk about the movie, one certain thing i can say is that the real star on this movie is JOKER himself –salute to Heath Ledger, and of course to his replacement guy–. i saw such a great artistic work!. Joker really puts the “FEAR” to this movie. a real firecracker i’d say. so unpredictable and fantastic.

Christian Bale did the job good but being batman unfortunately couldn’t revealed his true talent as an actor. I’ve seen better of him from “American Psycho”,”Rescue Dawn”, or even “The Machinist”. But i can say that i like Bale as Batman best than the other actor who played Batman before. The beginning of this movie was kinda boring– just before the Joker showed out– but the rest plot was intriguing. Unpredictable till the end. Full of betrayals and violence.

I like the idea of put the detonator on both two ships just to see which ship will blow the other!. DAMN! that was so cruel.. sounds like Joker I’d say, I also enjoy how the movie expands Joker’s personality. Joker’s name card was –what else you could think– the Joker card itself! with a little message on every piece he left. Dont forget the words on trailer joker were shooting batmobile, they sound: “Laughter is the best medicine, and Joker put a “S” on the front of Laughter so they become, “Slaughter is the best medicine” . And also how he said to himself that “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you STRANGER! ^^ What a joke!

Joker is a mad dog. Crazy to the core. a pure Villain. He doesn’t plan anything. He just act!. In his movie he’s no longer comical, he looked so real, that is why he frightened us. “WHY SO SERIOUS?”, let’s put a smile on this face, he said..

if “The Dark Knight” is a piece of pizza, Joker is the Mozzarella!.



  1. waaah lucu tuh, “if the dark knight is a piece of pizza, joker is the mozzarella”
    perumpamaan yg menarik lhooo….

    *numpang mampir…*

  2. @ siska : *silahkan mampir*. Tanpa mozarella, pizza pasti hambar, iya kan? so does The Dark Knight without Joker” 🙂

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