wanted the movie

July 14, 2008

finally i got the time to watch this movie. Well, i’m kinda underestimate this movie before, but after watched it i confessed i was wrong. This movie got everything it takes to be a summer movie. Well, beautiful(and handsome) main casts, Breathtaking Visual effects, and interesting storyline.

Angelina Jolie really puts the soul into this movie. Jolie made “Wanted” became a sexy movie, i tell you this because you see, without her, Avoy’s actions would look kinda dull. From the beginning till the end, Jolie shows us the meaning of the words TOUGH, SEXY, and DANGEROUS in the same time.

James McAvoy maybe a new face in an action movie, that is why –i guess– he was trying hard to show his best performance. And he did!. You know, i think Tom Cruise, or another action movie superstar wouldn’t want to be seen like him in this movie. All those punches on the face just pathetic and wont make them look beautiful–and that’s a big consideration for them–. But Avoy? –yes he looks pathetic,– but he still looks good with blood on his face. Oh..yea..trust me, baby..:)

as i told you before, breathtaking visual effects on this movie kept me still on my chair. As if i were watching “the matrix” for the first time. Even though till i got home i still couldn’t accept the idea of “how a bullet could bend its way to the target” –oops there i go, sorry to spoiled the movie:)– but anyway what i’m trying to say is the illogical idea of this movie made it fresh!. You’ll see the concepts about common craps like assassins and secret organization came together and transformed the “common craps” to “cool craps”:)

The storyline is interesting, hehehehe just like seeing your friend fall because somebody tripped him. You’ll feel sorry but you also want to laugh, it’s that kind of feeling .I tell you this movie made you SWEAR ALOT! and your swearing are worthed. hehehehehe you’ll get no sin from that, i think GOD will understand 🙂

Anyway, i want to give the bottomline to its ending. it was twisted. The ending make you feel like a loser. For me this movie is not bad at all, I screamed “WICKEEED” after saw this movie. what about you?


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